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Guide To Success

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Guide To Success Empty Guide To Success

Post by Drace Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:45 pm

so if your reading this your probably checking out RRA or you have just made an account i would like to be the first person to say welcome and so many ppl ask me what do i do or what are we supposed to do here well this should help you out a bit.
step 1) register so you can join and meet all of us.
step 2) join chat so you can talk to every1.
step 3)Ask a tester,moderator, or admin for a dorm placement test.
step 4) wait patiently for your test scores hopefully you will get a high dorm.
.step 5) (optional) if your unhappy with your test results gain RP (Raptor Points) to purchase a retest from the academy store.
step 6) why not go make a introduction so we can all get to know you better?
step 7)meet every1 and hopefully you will have fun duels i wish to duel all of you at one point or another!
step Cool keep coming make for more fun duels and to meet all the new ppl constantly joining
Here are a few things u might want to look at
i hope this helped you understand what to do better.

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