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RRA's New Official Ranking System

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RRA's New Official Ranking System Empty RRA's New Official Ranking System

Post by Drace Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:28 pm

This time around we will be ditching the old testing system every1 has known to hate. Some of these reasonings are the fact it'a hard to find a consistent tester willing to put as much time and effort needed for this position into a yugioh site which is understandable. As well as the testing system is flawed in many ways the main one being the thought you can judge someone's skill on a sole duel. This is honestly ridiculous there are too many deciding factors that can change a duels outcome that the average duelist can not prepare for. So how we will start doing our dorm systems here is a tournament based rank up system. How this will be working is every new member will automatically start in the lowest dorm (Mimicry Purple) now don't worry you will have your chance to be apart of the infamous Revolution Black dorm, I know you've been eyeing it since joining this site. every week we will be holding a tournament specifically to allow members to raise to the next dorm. I.E. if your a Mimicry Purple and top the tournament you will be moved to Vnaishing green and so on and so forth. now ofc it wouldn't always be fair if we just bunched every dorm together since some of you may have been trying long and hard to achieve your way up the ladder. so once a month we will hold a tournament for each specific dorm (Mimicry, Vanishing, Impale, and Tribute.) so let's says on the 1st well hold an Impale tournament, then on the 8th well hold a Mimicry tournament, on the 15th well hold a Vanishing tournament, and finally on the 22nd well hold a Tribute Tournament. these are not exact dates just used as an example. but for these dorm specific tournaments you have to come in 1st place to move to the next dorm not just get in the top 3. Any tournaments that offer a dorm rank up as a prize will not be considering our weekly/monthly tournament so you'll have multiple chances at times. any and all tournament posts made will have a sign up that looks similar to:
This post has made the academy's previous Testing Rubric AND Testing Banlist null and void.

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