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DrDonaldTrump's Test Results

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DrDonaldTrump's Test Results

Post by Zane is a massive scrub on Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:44 am

Duel Results:
Zane Truesdale vs DrDonaldTrump
Volcanic/ Traptrix/ Seraphs infernity vs. prediction princess
Outcome Of The Duel: 0/10

Testee had lost 0-2. Regardless showed impressive skill.
Deck Rating: 25/40

Main Deck Build: 13/20
How did the deck look? Can it adapt to difficult situations?Are there any cards that the deck needs? Is there any cards that hinder the deck more then it helps? (Try to base this off common sense about the deck and not personal opinion as best as possible.)

Side Deck: 2/10 (Only 3 cards were in his side. Even if added to the deck it would not have made a difference of more then 33%. Unable to award more than 2 points.)
Can the cards in this side deck work against many or few decks? Did it have proper cards or does it look like it was made in five minutes with no effort and won't help in a duel at all?

Siding Skills 1/5
Did the testee make good side choices? How well could they deal with your siding choices? Did they take anything out of the main deck that woulda been more useful or needed?

Extra Deck: 2/5 The Testee was unable to use the Extra deck throughout the duel however I believe no section should be left 0. Awarded 2 points, 1 for having 15 cards in extra, 1 for trying to reach his extra deck throughout the duel.
Is the extra deck relevant or does it got level 8 xyzs in a constellar deck?Can this extra deck help is a tough spot? Will this extra deck help the testee make a comeback or is it nearly impossible? :

Decks' Creativity: 4/10
Is the deck used often? Was the build unique or did it look like it was netdecked?
Original decks earn more points Very Happy I enjoyed his refreshing deck ideas however the consistency was an issue for such a slow paced deck. Regardless I was impressed.

Dueling Skills: 15/30 Marking a lower Score simply because I believe with our guidance he can be improved. Throughout the duel he tried his hardest which is the best possible way to take the test.

Knowledge of cards: 10/10
Did the testee know his own card effects and know how to use them well? Was your opponent misplaying due to lack of knowledge to his card effects? Very impressed with his style of dueling. Will need help from our teachers or members in terms of improvement.

Misplays: 10/10
Did the testee play to his best ability? Did they make any play that could seem bad or not thought through? No misplays however I would have done a few plays differently.

Control Of The Duels: 5/10
Who was the obvious duelist in control throughout the duels? (If your opponent topdecks something insanely lucky and wins fast afterwards it can affect the score if the tester is winning for the most part.) Comebacks are more points Smile The whole duel was relatively controlled and paced by me, but during certain moments he would set little traps to bait me (Which is very unique for duelists using rouge decks to take that kind of risk) into traps multiple times.

duel knowledge: 5/10 Simply Marking this 5 points because I feel his overall knowledge of how to duel is very impressive, his style and choice of cards show a large amount of potential. Id suggest using more slower paced decks, best outcome would be to mix generic engines and test them randomly around people in this academy.

Ruling Quiz: He has yet to take his Quiz, simply because I had to leave after the duel to do something, I have not told him he needs to take the ruling test and I Will as soon as he returns. For now Allow this estimation to show.

Final Score: 77(Pending) /100
His score will be estimated: Impale Red.

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