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Holira's Test Results

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Holira's Test Results Empty Holira's Test Results

Post by Ulquiorra Cifer Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:59 pm

Duel Results:
[Ulquiorra Cifer] vs. [Holira]
Traptrix/Volcanic/Seraphs vs. Wind Witch Majespectors
Outcome Of The Duel: 2-0 Holira 10/10

Deck Rating: 37/40

Main Deck Build: 20/20
Great Variation of Majespecters to Wind Witch. Has basic support of Monsters/Spells/Traps for Majespecter Archetype.
All the Staples are great and helpful for your deck.

Side Deck: 10/10
Full 15 card Slot. Barrier Statue, great tech for this Hybrid Deck.
Ghost Ogre is very great for fulfilling both rules it plays. A destructive card aswell as a Tuner.

Siding Skills 5/5

Extra Deck: 5/5

Decks' Creativity: 7/10
Is the deck used often? Was the build unique or did it look like it was netdecked?
Original decks earn more points.

Dueling Skills: 29/30

Knowledge of cards: 10/10

Misplays: 9/10

Control Of The Duels: 10/10
Holira had total control the entire test. Well played mate.

duel knowledge: 6/10

Ruling Quiz: 6/10 (every point is worth 1 point)
NOTE: you have 10 minutes if you take any longer you will get an automatic 0
for the ruling quiz

Testers final thoughts:
You played very well, Holira. You played your WindWitch/Majespecters with style and strength!

All tests are done on ygopro/devpro as of now due to dueling network being shut down

Congratulations on making Tribute Blue! You scored 82.
Mimicry Purple: 0-43
Vanishing Green: 44-63
Impale Red: 64-79
*Tribute Blue: 80-90*
Revolution Black: 91-100

SIDE NOTE: DO NOT add Deck Rating, Dueling Skills, and Duel Knowledge when doing results, they are just what things are grouped in (that was confusing for me too), like if they were to get 10/10 for Misplays and 10/10 for Ruling Quiz, then you would give them a full 20/20 for Dueling Knowledge. I hope this was clear enough.
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