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New Teacher

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Post by Hell_kaiser Wed Nov 09, 2016 3:02 am

Hello every body

My name is Hell_kaiser and i  gonna be a new teacher of this acadamy.

If you guy's needs help with a card ruiling or the game static or help with deckbuilding
you can send me a private pb or ask you question here on this topic ,so  i or a other teacher can help you out.

I am going to make lessons like how you can make easy combo's with youre own deck
Whats its good to side agains the meta.

  Question from the new players  
1) What is meta ?
    Answer: Meta is the most populair Tier decks that the most best player are playing/win              
                 and top on Tournament

2) What do you mean with Tier decks?
    Answer: Tier decks are split in 3 way
            1) Tier 0 Is a kind of deck that win 95% from all tournament
            2) Tier 1 Is the most populair deck that can win 70% from all tournament
            3) Tier 2 Are the decks that are good competieve agains tier 1 and maybe can win
                a tournament by luck thats the other 30%

3) How do i know that my deck its good or can be good agains a meta deck ?
   Answer: Thats is this acadamy for  by playtest  we can see that youre deck is onder
               way to be a Meta deck or not

4) How can i make a good side deck ?
   Answes: Depense witch archtype you are playing or Attribute .
               We can help you out with that its not a easy job

Let me give a example
if you are playing a pendulum deck would you like to site Anti-spell fragrance in ?
   Answer : NO

)Why not ?
  Answer :Because that continious trap can work agains youre own deck

5) What if i want to play only fun decks this acadamy stil help me out ?
  Answer :Yes that for sure we are here to help you out

So any more question yes ? ask here in topic or pb



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