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Jolty's Deck shop!!!!

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Jolty's Deck shop!!!!

Post by Kangaroo-jolty on Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:09 pm

Welcome boys and girls of all ages to joltys deck shop where you might find a fair bounty of nicely priced decks from all ranges of meta, casual, n even some odd stuff from time to time, there will be something here for everyone.

For those of you from the shura days, youll remember this shop as being the most highly successful shop there was, so welcome back to the ride n hopefully will all go well again Very Happy

My services can also be requested for the building of any decks that your mind might want to request, just drop me a line and we will get it all sorted.

Now to the decks:
Amazoness= 50rp
Aroma's=  75rp
Assault mode=  75rp
Atlantean's= 150rp
Battilin Boxers= 100rp
Batteryman's= 125rp
Blackwing's= 100rp
Bujin's= 125rp
Burn= 50rp
Burning Abyss= 150rp
Cloudian=  75rp
Constellar's= 100rp
Crash Bug's= 125rp
Crystal Beast= 75rp
Darkworlds= 100rp
Dragunity= 100rp
Evilswarm= 100rp
Evol's= 100rp
Fabled= 100rp
Fire King= 75rp
Fire Fist= 75rp
Fluffals= 75rp
Five Headed Turbo =100rp
Gagaga= 75rp
Gaia Drake Ghost's =50rp
Galaxy=  100rp
Geargia= 125rp
Gem Knights= 125rp
Gishki =100rp
Gladiator Beast's=150rp
Gogogo= 100rp
Gravekeepers= 100rp
Gusto= 75rp
Harpies= 175rp
Hazy's= 75rp
Heraldic Beast's=150rp
Hero's=  100rp
Heroic's= 150rp
Hieractic's= 300rp
Hunder= 100rp
Infernoids=  125rp
Inzector resonance= 100rp
Jurrac's= 75rp
Laval's  = 75rp
Machina Gadget's= 100rp
Melodious= 75rp
Monarch's  =75rp
Naturia= 50rp
Nekroz= 150rp
Ninja's= 100rp
Noble Knights= 125rp
Ojama's=   75rp
Performipals= 50rp
Phantom Beast's =50rp
Psychic's= 100rp
Raccoon Beasts= 150rp
Raid Raptor's= 100rp
Red eyes=  100rp
Ritual Beasts = 125rp
Rock Stun= 100rp
Satellarknights= 250rp
Scrap= 100rp
Sharks= 75rp
Super heavy sams's= 75rp
Sylvann's= 150rp
Synchron's = 50rp
T.G Hands= 200rp
Toon's=  100rp
Trains= 125rp
U.A= 100rp
Volcanic= 150rp
Vylon's= 100rp
Watts= 100rp
Wind-ups= 100rp
Worms= 75rp
Wyrm's= 175rp
X-saber's= 125rp
Yang zing's= 150rp
Yosenju= 100rp
Zombies= 75rp

Side note to all customers, side decks may not allways be included, advice shall be giving to people about the decks they buy if asked for.

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