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Kurenai Shuu's Test Results

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Kurenai Shuu's Test Results

Post by Ulquiorra Cifer on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:22 am

Duel Results:
[Ulquiorra Cifer] vs. [Kurenai Shuu]
[Qli] vs. [SpeedRoid/Witch]
*Outcome Of The Duel: 0-2 (0/10)
All disconnections are count as a loss. If the testee quits in the middle of a duel it is an automatic 0.
*Deck Rating: 33/40
Main Deck Build: 17/20
The Main Deck looks like it only has consistency with the Monsters and not much with Spells/Traps.
Other than that. Deck shows great structure and power plays that can be made but easily countered like I did with Carrier & Stealth Bounce Combo.
You should try to work in cards that can get some speedroids in the grave like Twin Twister or Foolish Burial to help Daiko Duke, Shock Surprise, Re-Dice, and/or Speed Recovery.

Side Deck: 6/10
Some of your cards in your Side Deck should be in the Extra because they are Synchros and they are key elements in processing and accomplishing powerful plays.
You can Replace cards and put cards like Maxx C, Flying C, Effect Veiler, and other cards that help stop opponents moves.

Siding Skills 5/5
Did the testee make good side choices? How well could they deal with your siding choices? Did they take anything out of the main deck that would of been more useful or needed?

Extra Deck: 5/5
Is the extra deck relevant or does it got level 8 xyzs in a constellar deck?Can this extra deck help is a tough spot? Will this extra deck help the testee make a comeback or is it nearly impossible?
*Decks' Creativity: 8/10
-2 for Speedroid/Witch being used by many players in the same play fashion but creativity on your plays and the structure of your Side and Extra and how it powers up with your Main Deck.
*Dueling Skills: 18/30
Knowledge of cards: 9/10
-1 Because I don’t think you knew about Carrier’s and Stealth’s Bounce Effect when you left your two Synchros in Face Up Attack Position with no Sets on field.

Misplays: 9/10
-1 Corresponding with the -1 from Knowledge of cards above ^

Control Of The Duels: 0/10
I had control during the entire Match giving me, the Tester, 2-0 over Testee
*Duel Knowledge: 5/10
Ruling Quiz: 5/10
(every Question is worth 1 point)
NOTE: you have 10 minutes. If you take any longer you will get an automatic 0
for the ruling quiz

Tester’s final thoughts: try to give as much feedback as possible so that the testee knows what their dueling skill is lacking and learn how they can fix that. STICK TO YOUR SCORE, DO NOT LET THEM PERSUADE YOU.

Due to Dueling Network being shut down:
All Tests will be held on either YgoPro or Devpro.
Congratulations you have scored *(64)*. Welcome to [Impale Red]
Mimicry Purple: 0-43
Vanishing Green: 44-63
Impale Red: 64-79
Tribute Blue: 80-90
Revolution Black: 91-100
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