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AsianPichu's Test Results

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AsianPichu's Test Results

Post by Ulquiorra Cifer on Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:17 pm

Duel Results:
[Ulquiorra Cifer] vs. [Asian Pichu]
[Qli] vs. [MadolchePals]
*Outcome Of The Duel:2-1 (7/10)
*Deck Rating: 40/40
Main Deck Build: 20/20
Your deck looks very consistant off and on game.

Side Deck: 10/10
Full Slot of Side Deck with valuable cards useful for stopping most of Opponents plays.

Siding Skills 5/5
Testee Sided Catasphere which screwed me over with my Qlis.

Extra Deck: 5/5
Full Slot of Extra Deck.
Basic Main Build for Madolches
*Decks' Creativity: 9/10
Took off 1 because even though Madolche plus Pends are viable and successful they have been used by many duelist just not a lot during the current Meta/Banlist.
*Dueling Skills: 26/30
Knowledge of cards: 10/10
Did the testee know his own card effects and know how to use them well? Was your opponent misplaying due to lack of knowledge to his card effects?

Misplays: 9/10
-1 because even Testee pointed out that they could’ve gone for Hootcake and that would’ve helped making a more powerful play.

Control Of The Duels: 7/10
I had control Game 1 giving me game
Testee had Control game 2 and 3 giving them game.
*Duel Knowledge: 9/10
Ruling Quiz: 9/10
(every Question is worth 1 point)
NOTE: you have 10 minutes. If you take any longer you will get an automatic 0
for the ruling quiz

Tester’s final thoughts: You know a lot about the game. And you played a very great match with smart and strategic plays. Even though the Ruling Portion questioned everyone.

Due to Dueling Network being shut down:
All Tests will be held on either YgoPro or Devpro.
Congratulations you have scored *(91)*. Welcome to [Revolution Black]
Mimicry Purple: 0-43
Vanishing Green: 44-63
Impale Red: 64-79
Tribute Blue: 80-90
Revolution Black: 91-100
Ulquiorra Cifer

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Re: AsianPichu's Test Results

Post by Yugo on Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:07 pm

Congrats on being the first Revo Black!


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Re: AsianPichu's Test Results

Post by Zane Truesdale on Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:06 pm

I'm the first Revolution black.


Zane Truesdale

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Re: AsianPichu's Test Results

Post by Sponsored content

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