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Yugioh Lesson: Using knowledge to enhance your luck!

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Yugioh Lesson: Using knowledge to enhance your luck!

Post by {aurora}kuri on Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:00 am

I will be more surprises than if I find out Micheal Jackson rose from the dead as a zombie if someone thoroughly reads all this. But the advice In this post will help people who are trying to get better at the game greatly. Let's get this Article on the way. Shall we?

People often ask me how I can make someone better at yugioh? I honestly get asked all the time for advice on what they could do to become better in competitive play. I really wish I had a dollar for every time I heard something like that. Would've been able to buy a much larger house that being the case.

Overall, yugioh is a game almost entirely based on knowledge and luck. But how can having some knowledge actually increase your chances of success at a card store?

I wish I did have complete control over luck. Sadly It would be an impossible ability to possess. Luck can be turned in your favor if you are able to be calculative and well informed. By putting research and effort into obtaining knowledge, you can increase your chances of winning or getting lucky. I'll go over the details oh the best ways to Increase your chances of having better luck winning.

People often say I got bad draws or unlucky at times, when in reality, they need to limit the amount of dead draws in their decks. For those who don't know, a dead draw in game play is a card that is limited in its amount of uses against a certain type of deck. If you are aware of the current format and have awareness on what cards are commonly used, you will be more likely to not put certain cards in your main deck that won't generally help you. This also Is important to consider when siding. In the past, I had the mentality that siding a bunch of cards at once will be more beneficial than siding too much. In reality, I wasn't aware that I was messing with the consistency of my deck. And I often found times where I opened every card I sided. Over siding can cost you games. All these tips are relevant to deck building, although deck building is a skill, It mostly has to do with knowledge of the current format.

OMG HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW IS YOU CHAINS RESOLVE BACKWARDS?!!! If you think I'm going into rulings now, you most definitely guessed it. XD Knowledge on rulings and game mechanics Is an extreme lifesaver when It comes to playing in tournaments. I always insist on reviewing a rule book at least every time a new edition comes out. I can guarantee you can still learn something from it. I always get told rulings are complex and Difficult to understand. Now we have a universal way of understanding how cards work by examining its Problem Solving Card Text(PSCT), the rule book, and understanding how chains work will greatly expand your knowledge when it comes to getting out of certain scenarios. With PSCT you will understand how a card works and if it's a good idea to chain something to it. Also knowing how Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain(SEGOC) and also knowing which cards can miss timing can really be of greater benefit and will save a huge headaches for the judges. Just look up information reguarding SEGOC, PSCT, the latest konami rule book ,and missing the timing. Try to understant those terms backwards and front.

Finally I suggest practicing with your deck as often as possible, this will make you less likely to make misplays when it really counts. Also practice against someone you know is considerably a greater duelist than you. Even if he/she wins all the time, in a way, you will eventually interpret what you could've done better and what might not work in your deck. It always is of benefit to have a rival. In a way I consider Yugioh like the game of chess if you lose to someone stronger, you'll know how to work on your deck and improve. Also it's always important to have someone to look up to. Yugioh is also somewhat greatly attitude based, sometimes people in the top event will trick you or may seem overwhelming because of there player status. Just stay calm and know it's just a game. You're not going to lose your soul if you are defeated.

To wrap this up. I hope this motivates some of you people to do research and to help you strive to be the best duelist. Think of it this way, if you are knowledgeable, you will know more about what to expect in your upcoming event. Having that knowledge will give you more of a chance to increase your luck because you're like seeing into the future more than a player who isn't. Hope this advice is helpful and useful. I'll continue to write this stuff if you guys enjoy. Peace and thank you for reading this article if you did because I put alot of effort into this.


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