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Ways to instantly rank up in dorms

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Ways to instantly rank up in dorms

Post by Drace on Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:19 am

1: Run The Gauntlet
You will have to duel 3 Decks in a row the harder your dorm is the harder the decks will be if your in Mimicry Purple you will be facing fairly easy decks but if your in Tribute Blue you will be facing decks closer to meta. Each person will have to duel different decks so others cannot get an advantage knowing what they will be facing. You are not allowed to switch decks in between duels.

2: Come in 1st place in any staff held academy tournament.

3: win a total amount of arena duels
Mimicry will have to win 15 times
Vanishing will have to win 30 times
Impale will have to win 50 times
Tribute will have to win 100 times
These do not have to be consecutive wins when you change dorms your wins will be reset.

More ways will be added once we think of some ideas.

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