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Eclipses Test Results

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Eclipses Test Results

Post by Drace on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:46 pm

Drace.101 vs Eclipse*
Raidraptors vs raidraptors

Outcome Of The Duel: 3/10

Main deck build: 8/10
Looked like a consistent build well made

Side deck: 0/10
Did not see it can't be graded

Extra deck: 9/10
Look like an average extra deck all I can say is stop running rise falcon D:

Deck creativity: 5/10
Looked like an average RR build

Knowledge Of Cards: 10/10
played to the best of his ability

Concentration: 7/10
Thought about his plays and didn't misplay but didn't consider possibilities of counters

Control Of The Duels: 3/10
He won G1 in a few turns but lacked a good board and ability to control g2/3

Duelist Potential: 8/10
From this test I can tell he's a good duelist and there isn't much room to improve with this deck he played well and coulda won if he had played better or took a bit more time to think of counters and way out of the situation.

Ruling Test:7/10

Total Score: 62/100

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